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Best Places to Visit in Egypt With Jetblue Airlines

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. This is the African nation which has been attracting travellers since ages. The place is known for it’s temples and pyramids and they are known to capture the attraction of tourists since very long. Many people come to Egypt to witness the story and beauty of these ancient monuments. Egypt also has Red sea coast which is known for it’s coral reefs and beach resorts. Even you can enjoy a trek to Sahara which is a refreshing freshwater spring oasis.

Egypt has been getting lots of tourist attention because of the 2011 revolution and even the ongoing counter revolution has also attracted tourists in huge numbers. Thus, let’s have a look at what are the best places to visit in Egypt –

Hurghada – This is a small fishing village which is located very close to the fishing sea and has numerous beaches and beautiful white sand all over the place. This place is famous for it’s diving opportunities and it has 100 of beautiful luxury resorts which are regularly frequented by visitors from all over the world.

Alexandria – This city is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is the leading fishing port of Egypt. This was founded by Alexander, The great and thus the place boasts of many historic sites and even a library which has more than 50,000 books. But the larger part of the city was destroyed during the earthquake which rocked the city in 14th century. Now, you can only see the glorious past of the city.

Dahab – Dahab is an isolated coastal village which used to be favourate place for hippies in the year 1880s. This is the place where the combination of Red sea and Sinai desert makes it a heavenly place. This place is well known for it’s varied water sports.

Siwa Oasis – This place was isolated from rest of the Egypt as well as the world till late 19th century. But today it is a traveller’s paradise because of it’s freshwater springs and palm groves. You can take a walk through the old mud built fortresses which has many intresting tales to share.

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