The hidden gem like places to explore in Melbourne

Melbourne as a tourist destination has some fantastic attractions to offer. It is the city where you will find something for everyone. The adventure freaks in the pack, the art buff, the children or the romantic lovebirds, you will find many places to visit, so many activities to indulge that you will not ask for more from your vacation.

However, we give you some hidden gems in Melbourne, where you can have a unique and quirky experience.  When making travel plans, you can always visit the Jet Blue Airlines Official Site and find convenient JetBlue Airlines Flights to suit your itinerary.

1806 Cocktail Bar

It is the place to be in the evenings. The whole layout of the bar is quite offbeat, and that is something that appeals. The bar is set in a theatre style and the drinks they serve especially the cocktails are amazing. The menu on Saturdays is excellent and the biggest reason to be here on weekends. The 1806 Cocktail Bar is located on Exhibition Street.

Botanical Garden

When in Melbourne, it is one place that all of us visit. However, you can add a twist to your visit to the Botanical Garden. Add a little kick by taking a tour of the lake. It is romantic, unusual and enough to spark a bit of love.

The Doghouse

It is a cafe with a difference. You can take your dog along in this eatery, how many places do you know that allow you to make your pet inside the café? Step in the Doghouse to see happy faces and wagging tails of the pets.

The Croft Institute

An alley that is 2 metres wide with a red light at the end of the 30-metre lane, that’s The Croft Institute to many. However, there is much more to this place. It is full of graffiti, and it like entering someplace out of the movies of the 1920s era. Great music and a dance floor are all that you need, and it is here.

Plan your holiday in Melbourne and include these unusual attractions to make your vacation a little different. Make sure you make the JetBlue Airlines Reservations in advance to avoid the last minute confusion.

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