Mouth Watering Restaurants in Hong Kong Jet Blue Airlines

As a traveller, you may have realised by now that the cuisine of a particular region is a pure reflection of the history and culture.  Hong Kong’s incredible food whether you eat on streets or in the food courts will undoubtedly mesmerise your taste buds.

Therefore, in your next trip to Hong Kong, book your JetBlue Airlines Flights on time to avail the offers, discounts and the Jet Blue Airlines Deals. Once finish with bookings, prepare an itinerary to include eating out at these restaurants.


Located on the Hollywood road, at this restaurant you will find the menu changing on a weekly basis, to include the ingredients of the season. The Chef prefers to serve the local cuisine or anything else that he finds will be delicious for the visitors.  From firefly squid to lobsters, you will have the sourcing from places like Japan or even France.


In the Landmark Edinburgh Towers on the Queen’s Road in Central Hong Kong is the Amber Restaurant. It is about fine dining serving old-fashioned French Food. From the chef to the cooking ingredients, all are sourced from Europe. The restaurant is known for transforming Japanese and Chinese dishes into something that may fit the European menu is a pure delight for your taste buds.


Located in the central business district, Arcane is a restaurant with more elitist streaks. The walls here are adorned with various artworks of Shane Osborn and Michelin. Majority of the kitchen supply is sourced from Japan along with the restaurant’s kitchen garden. The menu here has Euro-centric flavour served most elegantly. Try the Caprese salad with homemade ricotta, pine nuts and the sherry vinegar dressing or the crudo with smoked eel mousse and apple juice here.

Luk Yu Tea House

On Stanley Street, this one restaurant has featured on almost every tourist guidebook. Therefore, what makes this place such a must visit eatery for tourists. One, the typical 1930s decor and the overall feel here. Two, the sweet and sour pork that it serves along with the fanny packs.

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